Evox Capital

Evox Capital is a crypto fund that invests in smart and profitable projects of the new age.

What is Evox Capital?

New crypto projects have hard time receiving seed and private level funding whereas retail investors cannot find allocations in seed and private rounds as well. Evox Capital is founded to bridge the gap. Evox Capital is a Private Investmen Club, that club members invest together in new innovative projects that have a very high success probability. To join the Club all you have to do buy a Evox NFT.

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This timeline details our funding and
development goals.

  • Q1 2022

    Inception of Evox Capital

  • Q1 2022

    Launch & Sales of 10.000 Evox Capital NFTs

  • Q2 2022

    Algorithmic Trading Bot for Evox Capital Holders

  • Q2 2022

    Game Guild Income for Evox Capital Holders

  • Q3 2022

    Renting Feature for NFT Holders so They Can Rent Their NFTs for Projects That They Don’t Choose to Participate

  • Q4 2022

    and Beyond – We Have Many Innovative Ideas Cooking Right Now But We Are Choosing to Keep the Info to Ourselves for Now Because of Competitive Reasons.


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